"Debi is the third permanent make-up technician that I have used over the course of the last 10 years. I'm thrilled that I found her! I consider the other two "technicians" but Debi an "ARTIST :). She worked my eyebrows to perfection in both color and shape, as well as my lips. She's definitely a perfectionist, a professional, an artist, and a blast to be around. I looked forward to every visit I had with her and look forward to more. I will be seeing her soon for eyeliner. Thank you so much Debi! You truly are the best."
~ Rhonda Skansi, Gig Harbor, WA
"Debi did an eyemazing, lol, amazing job on my eyebrows. I have very sparse eyebrows so basically she created new ones for me. A great topical numbing cream is applied so don't worry about pain. It DOES NOT hurt! It's definitely worth the money because she takes as much time as necessary to do the job right and to ensure customer satisfaction. Her office is very comfortable and she puts you at ease with her expertise and knowledge of her business. I highly recommend Debi for all of your permanent make-up needs!"
~ Johnnie Hess, Port Orchard, WA
"Debi, Thank you so much for the best permanent eye brows I have ever had. You are truly an Artist and perfectionist. I had a great experience, and you exceeded my expectations. Thank you."
~ Carrie, Gig Harbor, WA
"I just wanted to thank you for being you! You're an amazing person, a true artist, a perfectionist and the list goes on and on. By chance I found you on the Internet a few months ago when I was searching for permanent cosmetic professionals in the area. I've had permanent brows and liner for several years and have been to three other artists. You take the cake! You made me feel welcome, worked with my difficult schedule in addition to perfecting the shape and color of my brows and liner!! I also love the fact you have unlimited touch ups for six months! My twenty-five year old daughter comments about how great my eyes look. She's even thinking about having it done. I will definitely refer my family and friends to you without hesitation."
~ Shirley, Tacoma, WA
"I had been thinking of getting permanent cosmetics for my eyebrows for about 3 years, I had done my research and looked up local places in my area. Most of the places were apart of hair salons (which to me, doesn't make the cut) offering the service for as low as $150. I had also been to many tattoo conventions that had permanent makeup artist there but the idea of doing it at a convention just didn't feel right either. I spent months if not years looking for the perfect match. An then I found Debi. What a treat, she had years of experience. She has beyond amazing reviews and tons of pictures for reference. I could not have asked for anyone better. I emailed Debi to set up an appointment and she responded immediately. She worked me into her busy schedule which I was so grateful for. When we met, I knew she would take care of me. I wanted my eyebrows back to how full/thick they were when i was a kid (I over plucked.) I love my eyebrows!!! They look so natural, the shape is perfect for my face, and the coloring matches my natural hair color. I cannot stop smiling and infer complimented nearly everyday. If you are serious about cosmetic makeup I say look no further. Debi is the best!"
~ llyGopi, Carmel, CA
""EYE love my new eyebrows, EYE wake up each morning with perfect eyebrows thanks to Debi!
The procedure was not stressful as Debi has a way of making you comfortable and it's painless. Most important the end result is wonderful. Thank you Debi for sharing your talent."
~ Annette M., Clayton, CA
"Having lost my eyebrows a few years ago, I naturally was interested in learning more about permanent make-up, but put off actually doing something about it until I met Debi Marion personally three months ago. I liked the fact that she had the perfect background as an artist for many years, working with tiny brushes on porcelain and then in a private practice for many years. Her credentials and other testimonials were positive, but after our first consultation, I felt that I had finally found the right person!
Because I had a long scar running through my right eyebrow from an accident 28 years ago, this posed somewhat of a challenge for Debi as the skin was terribly thin. She not only worked through that difficult area, but was patient, exacting and very particular about getting it as perfect as it could be. She planned the color, shape and style in the preliminary visit to fit with my features and was professional as well as understanding. I also liked that she really listened to me before she began her "magic."

It is truly the most wonderful feeling to wake up and actually have eyebrows! I was so used to wondering if I still had two or only part of them at any given time, as the pencil I used would never stay on....worse, partially rub off and I was often getting the nudge from my husband to do a quick "fix."

If anyone is worried about the beautiful results that Debi can achieve, just look at some of the photographs on her website. If she can work with a scar and Alopecia, such as I have, and make such a difference in my life, I would not hesitate in recommending Debi with Forever Young Permanent Make Up studio in Gig Harbor as one of the best choices I have made....in 28 years! I'm only sorry it took me so long to get this done."
~ Julie Smith, Gig Harbor, WA
"I want to thank you for doing such an expert and artistic job on my eyebrows and my lash enhancement. Your ability to mix color and your attention to detail have really made me look years younger and my eyes definitely “pop” with color! I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner! I highly recommend Debi Marion to anyone who would like to have permanent make up. She is a true professional and knows how to make us all look our best! Thanks again!"
~ Karen White, Gig Harbor, WA
"Hi Debi, my eyebrows look wonderful. its a great feeling to be able to just wake up without worrying about putting my eyebrows on in the morning. I have actually been waking up 30 minutes later than I used to, so I get a little bit more beauty sleep :) . hope all is well with you! thank you so much Debi for performing your artistic talent on me. it’s made my life easier for sure, and most importantly, it was painless! I just love it! I’ve bragged about u to my friends… hopefully they decide to do it too!"
~ Jennifer Dungca, Concord, CA
"I just had permanent eyebrow color done by Debi and wanted to share what a wonderful outcome I had, Debi just knew what shape, color, to do for me and it was so easy with no agonizing and the healing process was great as well I followed Debi’s instructions and healed in no time with no complications, I had this procedure done a few years back and this time was amazed at how simple and easy Debi made it she is a true artist and to boot a very nice person ,plus I LOVE my new look it gives a lift and brightens up your face ,so if you are thinking of doing this don’t hesitate you want be sorry Debi is the BEST."
~ Matha Seltzer, Gig Harbor, WA
"I am so excited about my eyebrows! Several years ago I had them tattooed and because of the ink that was used, they turned blue and were just awful looking. I had to camouflage them daily with makeup. Debi has transformed them with her artistic talent. She is an amazing artist! I don’t need to camouflage them anymore, she has done that for me permanently. I am extremely happy with the way they look! You are awesome!"
~ Debi Vergara, Gig Harbor, WA
"I’m very blond and my features just disappear without full makeup. I had my eyebrows and eyeliner down about 5yrs. ago by another artist. When I needed to get them retouched I found Debi. She did a minor reshape on the brow and softened the color. What a difference! Thank you Debi for using your artist eye to improve what I thought was a good brow. I will have her do my eyeliner next with complete confidence. Great job Debi!"
~ Loretta W., Reno, NV
"I have been struggling with my eyebrows since I was 19 years old {I am now 60}. I have always read that eyebrows are the frame for your eyes and my “frame” was in dire need of help. Having an esthetician background, I was determined to locate the best permanent makeup artist I could find. I found her in Debi at “Forever Young”. She has transformed my eyebrows into a beautiful “frame”. Thank you Debi….You are a true artist with gifted hands."
~ Lynn Z, Concord, CA
"I am so extremely happy with my new eyebrows from Debi! She is truly an artist – people don’t know I’ve had my brows “done” unless I point it out to them. I’ve spent 30 years drawing them on, and never got them to look this good. Debi was very professional; after we had a consultation to find out exactly what I wanted, she started right to work. I was afraid it was going to hurt, but it wasn’t bad! Debi used a cream that helped lessen any pain that I might have felt.
Getting my brows done has made me much more confident about my appearance. My only regret is that I waited so long to get it done! If you are considering permanent makeup, you should call Debi Marion – I’m so glad I did!"
~ Alida Rothgeb, Federal Way, WA
"I had permanent eyeliner done and feel Debi did a very good job. I like the fact that she offers free touch ups for 6 months. I would recommend her to family and friends."
~ Carol Miller, Key Pennisula, WA

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