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Permanent makeup, also known as Intradermal Pigmentation, is a revolutionary method of applying natural pigments into the dermal layer of skin. This state-of-the-art technique is medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe. Permanent makeup is used for a variety of cosmetic enhancements such as permanent eyebrows, eye liner, and lip liner/color. Other permanent makeup procedures include vitiligo, scar camouflage, areola restoration, hairline enhancement, and more. Permanent makeup has also been used to cover-up stretch marks, birthmarks, freckles/age spots, and uneven skin discolorations.

Permanent Makeup is a non-surgical micro-procedure known as micro-pigmentation. Tiny droplets of custom-blended colors are skillfully deposited into the dermal layer of skin to simulate natural looking or well defined make-up. This process is a selective art form of traditional tattooing whereby the natural features of the face are enhanced and defined in the form of permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and/or lip liner and color. The results are beautiful, immediate and permanent!

Makeup Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Lip Coloration, and Beauty Marks
These areas are enhanced to bring out the natural beauty of the face. Procedure can take up to two hours, including the anesthetic process, and can fade up to 40% within the first four weeks. Special instructions are given regarding post-procedural care. After four to six weeks a second or final application is made. This final process is necessary to achieve esthetic perfection. With proper care your makeup will stay vividly beautiful for three to ten years (depending on your skin and lifestyle). After that, you may choose to have a light touch up done. A refresher touch-up is always recommended, after the first year.


Permanent Makeup can lengthen short eyebrows, give more fullness and a thicker shape to thin or sparse eyebrows, correct asymmetrical eyebrows and create an anti-aging “lift” effect that dramatically improves the appearance of straight or drooping eyebrows.


The perfect eyebrow for those that have little or no eyebrows. This procedure utilizes the Hair stroke Technique, using two/three colors. Eyebrow Completion or Creation applies to people with uneven, sparse, partial, or non-existent brows. Simulated eyebrow hairs are tattooed to create an eyebrow “from scratch.” The appearance of existing brows can also be improved by adjusting their shape, height, arch, or balance. The hair stroke and shading methods can also be combined for a different look. Small strokes are applied with either a flat number 4 needle or “Softap” blades, creating multiple hairlines to appear like hairs. Using two colors gives depth to a brow and appears natural. This is also the recommended procedure for someone who has over tweezed or has alopecia, or ever a scar that might run through the brow area. .


For those who consider wearing permanent makeup, permanent eyeliner is the most sought after permanent cosmetic procedure, and it is easy to understand why. Most women feel “naked” without eyeliner. It is usually the most time- consuming daily makeup procedure, and as we age, one of the most difficult. Women who have invested in permanent eyeliner love the freedom of waking up with a natural look. Athletic women who want a radiant carefree look while exercising, will have a head start to their day. Woman who have difficulty applying make-up because of poor vision or physical limitations will no longer have smudges and runny lines.

Eyeliner can and will have some residual pigment that may peel or flake off after a couple days(in most cases)..that is ok..eyeliner tends to fade more so than brows due to the moisture in the eye area. After the touch up the color stays better and lasts longer….Eyeliner will take 2-3 procedures!


A soft lash enhancement defines your lashes, giving that wide awake look. This procedure sits through your lash line, giving you the an illusion of longer lashes. Your eyes will come to life and shine, bringing back that inner sparkle. To accentuate even more you can simply add a soft eye liner for sultry eyes that pop, much like the eyeliner, but with a much smaller line across the top of the eyelid. *SEE EYELINER


Our lips are a focal point when speaking, adding expression and impact to the words being spoken. Permanent makeup lip coloring tattoo can be used to enhance the contour of the lips towards a more pleasant, youthful, even, pouty or sensual look. A natural lip liner can soften the edges of an imperfect lip. A full lip color is wonderful for lipstick connoisseurs, because they can still apply any other chosen lip color as desired, but never be bare. Permanent lip tattoo is also great for those who don’t like to fuss with makeup, because they always have color.


Cover scars permanently with micro pigmentation. Scars and skin imperfection from surgeries, burns, or injuries can be easily camouflaged using paramedical cosmetic tattooing. Micro pigmentation’s ability to break up the scar tissue and color it to better match the natural skin tone provide miraculous results that will build your confidence in your appearance. This procedure can also be done on some acne scars, scars from face lifts, and hypo-pigmentation. This procedure requires two to three sessions for the final result.


This procedure requires your doctors permission or release of authorization, allowing you to proceed with the tattooing of your new breast/ nipple. It is usually done in two/three sessions with a mixture of colors to create a three dimensional appearance. There is little or no pain involved because of the scare tissue. The needling is painless to most patients, but a topical anesthetic is provided if needed. As with any tattoo, the pigment will fade in time.


I offer a wide line of topical anesthetics for all procedures, designed for your utmost comfort. It is asked of all patients that no alcohol or aspirin be taken 48 hours before procedure.

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