Before and After

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Before Brows and Liner Before repair of previous Artist tattoo
Brows Eyeliner and Bottom Mucosal/mucosa brows after Brows and Liner with dots on bottom
brow and Liner Before and after Brows after
Breast before
After second session
Healed 8 months later Client with zero brows, hairline stoke brows applied. Finished clients brows, client had zero brows.
Client with little brow, see the starting of the second brow stokes. Before Brow 1001 After Brow 1001
Before New Brow, Client had old red ink and scaring from previous Tattoo. 1045 After removal of most of red ink, and new tattoo color applied, to make a new brow with a look of real hair. 1045 Before tattoo of brow After tattoo of brow
Re-do of old ink brow..client has almost zero hair brow.

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